GLOW (Growth Learning Opportunities for Women)

Job Skills and Career Building Workshops and Classes

Due to COVID19 restrictions, CWJC Waco is holding mostly online classes for Spring 2021.
Please contact us for further information on class availability and technology needs.

GLOW (Growth Learning Opportunities for Women)

Job Skills and Career Building Workshops and Classes

All classes and materials at CWJC are FREE.

Classes resume September 7, 2021

Classes include:

  • Bible Study
  • Money Management
  • Computer Training
  • Application Completion Workshops
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Resume Writing
  • Personal Development
  • Job Interviewing
  • Job Retention
  • Boundaries (Relationship Building)
  • Communication Skills


In order to be a part of these classes, you must attend one of our Bible Studies and a Personal Development Class. All students are assigned a female mentor from the community as well. To become a CWJC Graduate from GLOW – attend 6 classes or workshops in one semester, including a Bible Study.

Day Classes Meet:
Tuesdays and Thursdays
9am – noon

Evening Classes Meet:
Mondays and Tuesdays

Each class and workshop time varies throughout the semester. 

See individual class descriptions for details.

How to Join GLOW:

Step 1: Fill out our application
Step 2: New class info coming soon
Step 3: Watch your email for confirmation and instructions

Welcome to CWJC!


Choosing GLOW classes and workshops can be life changing. CWJC wants you to meet your goals and change your story. Having excellent skills brings more opportunity for a great career. CWJC can help you train, prepare, and gain direction for your career path. This supportive, nurturing environment is filled with women who want to transform their stories for their future. CWJC adds all this with one-on-one mentoring so you get a truly empowering experience that shapes your future.

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