Jessica was a member of CWJC Class 1.

She had just become a single mother with 5 children. She said, “It was just the right time for me. My children were in Talitha Koum, and that’s how I found out about CWJC. I learned how to read people which helped me at home with my kids as well as on my job. The Bible study helped me learn to leave things to God, pray about it, and not worry. I’m now a manager at McDonald’s and am getting married. My oldest son graduates this year and wants to be an engineer. He’s going into the Marines.”

Minerva was also a member of CWJC Class 1.

She said, “I wanted to go to CWJC because of the Bible study and being able to catch up on computer skills. I also received my citizenship while I was attending classes. My mentor, Melody Carson, helped me study for the test; and CWJC sponsored me. After CWJC graduation, I went to school for Business Management and worked my way up to Part Sales Manager at Auto Zone where I worked. I met my husband there, and we had our wedding and reception at the CWJC Center. We moved to Granbury for 5 years, and I volunteered at the CWJC in Granbury. We’re back in China Spring. We own our own business, and I do all the paperwork and bookkeeping. I take care of my kids and am very happy.”