Greetings CWJC Friends!

Not only do we have wonderful women in our class this semester, we also have 3 of our graduates volunteering their time to be computer lab assistants.

New Alumni Coordinator

We have 93 CWJC graduates, and that number will continue to grow. We have created a new volunteer position to help us keep in touch with these women. Betty Orler, a graduate herself, will be our Alumni Coordinator. Her responsibilities will include staying in contact with all our grads and planning activities for them, including service opportunities in the community.

Mentors are Now Journey Partners

Our mentoring program is taking on a new look. We’ve changed the name of the women who are serving as mentors to“Journey Partners.” This is a more appropriate term for them because they are truly partnering with our women as they are on this journey to make positive lifestyle changes in their lives. We welcome Sheryl Young as our new volunteer Journey Partners Coordinator.

Have you been to the website, lately? Renee Van Treuren, our volunteer webmaster, is constantly adding new information. We even have a“blog”on the website now. Share your thoughts with us as we share ours with you.

Baskets of Hope, October 6

The event is less than 4 weeks away! If you haven’t made your reservations, now is the time. Tables are filling up quickly. If you didn’t receive an invitation, you can find all the information on the website and can even make your reservations there. We’ll be happy to mail you an invitation if you call and give us a mailing address. Renee will add your name to the sponsor list on the website when you sponsor a table. She also has a list on the Baskets of Hope page of some of the baskets that will be available. If you’re donating a basket, please get it to us as soon as possible. Thanks.

I hope you’re enjoying the rain as I am.