Along with the move to a new building this summer, we will also implement some new programs.

We will be collaborating with the Family Abuse Center. Because of limited space in our new location, all business clothes currently at the CWJC Center as well as future donations of business clothes for CWJC women can be taken to Second Chance. The store is managed by a CWJC grad and employs an additional CWJC grad. The Family Abuse Center, owner of Second Chance, will provide vouchers for CWJC participants to get business appropriate clothes at the store.

We will also be collaborating with the GED program at MCC. They are providing a GED teacher to teach CWJC grads and current participants at our center. This will give our participants who do not have a high school diploma the opportunity to receive their GED and be more successful in obtaining a job. This will be phase one of the CWJC program and will begin the same day as phase two which is our 14-week program.

The new semester will begin on August 29.