As a Community Counselor Intern who worked with underprivileged population – mainly women- I have seen the immense need for the type of education and support CWJC is offering.

It has been my honor to walk with the mereas as I seek to give them tools in setting healthy boundaries and encourage them to let the good in and the bad out.  Together with the leaders, the other teachers and mentors at CWJC, we are empowering the mereas to tap into their strengths and to recognize and own them as such. Together we are offering the mereas a safe environment as they try their wings of new thoughts, behavior, and attitudes on their way of becoming who God created them to be.

We do not see the end result, but then again, there is no end result for any of us as long as we live. Many of the mereas’ goal is to break a cycle of generational disfunction. This cause is "larger than life". To be a part of that – this is the fact that motivates me the most. – Laura