There are many organizations and entities trying to get my time and my money, saying that they are doing a good thing.   Well… with CWJC, I can see the difference that my time and money is making.  I can see real people, real lives being given an opportunity to seek truth for themselves of who they are (God’s Child), how loved they are (by God and God’s children), that they do matter and God has given the skills and resources they need to be successful (defined many ways, but mostly defined as living a life pleasing to God).   I want to know that the investment of my time and money are making a difference and with CWJC, I can see lives being changed, even if it is only that a person believes in themself a little more and realizes how real God is!!  No one besides the women going through the program are receiving anything from CWJC, except for the wonderful blessing of watching lives change.  God must be real for a program like CWJC to exist.  It’s only purpose is to effect lives of ladies and help them to have a relationship with God and help them become more of who God has for them.  I see an immediate return (multifold) on my investment. The greatest gift is the HUGE blessing I receive by just being a small part of CWJC. – Gail