By Renea Cox, CWJC Graduate
Today God gave me joyful tears.

None from sorrow, none from fear.

He filled my heart and coursed through my veins.

Then out of my eyes the joy came.


It’s so much different than it used to be.

I’m so amazed at the life He’s given me.

From the lost soul I was to the Christian today,

I thank God on my knees every morning when I pray.


For many years my tears were sad,

Uncontrolled sobs and gut wrenching mad.

I didn’t understand joys’ true meaning.

I just wanted to be happy, a fast fleeting feeling.


Then there were tears of sorrowful mourning.

Of bad choices made, from a well they kept pouring.

Ever so slowly they started subsiding,

With Christ in my heart and spiritual guiding.


Once I was told that tear are healing.

Today my wounds are just scars with Jesus Christ’s sealing.

So these drops from my eyes are not tears that you see.

They are just drops of joy that God gave me.