Turning Your Passion Into Profit Workshop

Course Name:   Turning Your Passion Into Profit Workshop
Teacher Name:   Jill King with Guest Testimony Shamica Evans
Class Time:   See class description
Class Dates:   9/23/21 or 9/27/21
Number of Sessions for this Course:   1

Course Description:

Have you been wanting to start a small business doing something you love? Have you begun, but aren’t sure the next step? How do you determine if it’s even worth pursuing? We’re taking a look at all of these questions in this workshop as we tackle the foundations of entrepreneurship in just 1 workshop. You’ll leave with an understanding of how to evaluate if your idea is worth turning into a business, the first steps in kicking off a business and ways you can grow your entrepreneurial muscles for the future.

Thursday, September 23 – 10:30 AM or
Monday, September 27 – 6:30 PM

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