Job-Seeking Skills 101 Workshop

Course Name:   Job Seeking Skills 101 Workshop
Teacher Name:   Cris Houston
Class Time:   6:30-7:30 pm
Class Dates:   9/13/21 and 9/14/21
Number of Sessions for this Course:   2

Course Description:

Join Waco Family Medicine’s Compliance and Equity Officer, Cris Houston, as she discusses the ins and outs of Job Seeking and all the needs that go along with finding a great job. From interview skills, dress, resume writing, and cover letter skills – Cris’ first hand knowledge of gaining a foothold in the job market will leave you ready to take on this challenge. This class is partnering with Christian Men’s Job Corps of McLennan County to open up to men and women alike as we seek to bring these great skills to the Waco community. 

This partnered workshop is open to all CWJC students & alumni and Christian Men’s Job Corps of McLennan County students – all participants must register to attend.

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