Google Crash Courses

Course Name:   Google Crash Courses
Teacher Name:   Karen Willis
Class Time:   10:30 AM
Class Dates:   Tuesdays
Number of Sessions for this Course:   10

Course Description:

Learn the functions of Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides

For students who have little or no experience with a word processor, spreadsheet program, or slide presentations. However, participants should be comfortable using a computer mouse. Minimal typing is required, although familiarity with the computer keyboard is a plus.

Google Docs: Word Processing program used for most text documents such as letters, resumes, essays, reports, and memos.

Google Sheets: Spreadsheet program used for creating financial spreadsheets. Also great for creating documents or lists that are presented in a column & row (table) format. This program is especially helpful for documents that include calculations.

Google Slides: Slides is a Program used for creating a computer presentation in a slideshow format. Especially helpful for displaying pictures or emphasizing subject points while teaching or giving a speech to a group.

Classes can be taken independently. We start with 3 sessions on Google Docs then move to 4 sessions in Google Sheets and finish with 3 sessions in Google Slides. Choose to take one Google Crash Course or all three.

Choose between day and evening classes.

Tuesdays 10:30 AM

  • Google Docs – 3 sessions
  • Google Sheets starts – 4 sessions
  • Google Slides starts – 3 sessions

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